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About Us

People have a tendency to believe that all paranormal teams are alike. Sadly, they couldn't be more mistaken. Not only do we utilize the latest in cutting-edge technologies that other teams simply cannot afford, but we also understand the consequences of an investigation gone wrong.

An inexperienced team can actually make the paranormal activity far worse by using provocation, Ouija boards, séances and or the occult.  These are ineffective in documenting evidence and can actually open a portal and attract entities that weren't there before and can be dangerous to you and your family. 
We attempt to communicate only with the entity that is causing disruption in your home or office minimizing the risk of attracting negative entities.

We are also trained in providing basic cleansings for protection and in the event more intervention is necessary we can refer you to a member of the clergy for a house blessing or in the unlikely event of a possession or oppression.


A partial list of our equipment includes: a 6-night vision camera DVR system, a Kinect (SLS) camera, various still cameras, a Mel Meter, multiple KIIs,  multiple SB7 / SB 11 Spirit Boxes, multiple EVP recorders, EM pump, and a constantly growing inventory of ghost hunting equipment.

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