Learn More About Our Experienced Paranormal Investigators

Angie J.

Founder / Lead Investigator

An Executive Job Search Coach by day and paranormal researcher by night. Angie recognized the need for a highly skilled team of paranormal investigators in 2015 and has been investigating the paranormal for nearly 20 years.

Jim R.

​Sr. Paranormal Investigator / Case Manager

Jim's technical skills and attention to detail is perfect for analyzing evidence collected during our investigations.

Jim has worked as both an EMT and a Radio Host.


Becky R.

Sr. Paranormal Investigator

Becky is a small business owner who by day is busy running her bakery and raising their beautiful kids both biological and foster. 

Becky joined this group looking for answers. 

Nicole S.

Paranormal Investigator

Bio pending

Angie and members of her team have been to some of the country's most haunted locations including:

Rebecca G.

Sr. Paranormal Investigator / Case Manager

Rebecca G. is a retired Homeland Security Officer and a trained paralegal. One of her areas of expertise is investigation and research where she has won many awards for her abilities.


Her experiences with the paranormal started at a young age and continues on today. Along with her personal interest in paranormal happenings her love of people and animals reinforces her need to determine facts of what is paranormal and what can be logically explained. Helping others is her priority in life.

Kathy M.

Sr. Paranormal Investigator /
Case Manager

Kathy joined the team nearly five years ago and is an avid paranormal investigator. She works as a Case Manager by day for the Dept of Corrections and spends every vacation investigating some of the countries most haunted locations.

A sampling of the locations she has investigated  include the Gettysburg Battlefield, Villisca Axe Murder House, The Washoe Club, Malvern Manor, The Crescent Moon Hotel, and the Belvoir Winery.

Kandy B.

Historical Researcher

Bio pending

Jessica K.

Paranormal Investigator

Bio pending

Ben P.

 Sr. Paranormal Investigator

Bio pending